Transforming Swindon – Swindon Sidings

One Swindon

One Swindon Ltd is bringing forward transformational plans to regenerate Swindon Sidings to provide a high quality, sustainable urban development.

Update February 2021

We have now submitted a planning application to Swindon Borough Council which will undertake its own formal consultation before making a decision on the application.

The application can be viewed on the Council’s website, by using the reference number S/OUT/21/0181 on their planning pages.

Update December 2020

Following discussions with stakeholders and the local community we have finalised our plans and are looking to submit an outline planning application to Swindon Borough Council.

New project details are provided below, along with information on specific topics raised during the pre-application consultation.

The proposals

The proposals include:

  • 368 new homes – including a range of new houses and apartments
  • Vehicular access from Wootton Bassett Road, with an alteration to the junction
  • A new direct pedestrian / cycle connection between Wootton Bassett Road and Park Lane, with cycle links to a wider network and NCN 45
  • A retail unit on the ground floor of the Signal box apartment which could be a cycle hub with a small café, while in Newburn house it is proposed that a small convenience store could be located on the ground floor
  • Public open space and landscaping

As well as providing much needed new homes for Swindon in a central location, the proposals seek to encourage sustainable travel movements. The dedicated pedestrian/cycle route between Wootton Bassett Road and Park Lane allows for a new and safe link to the railway station and town centre, and will greatly improve access for walkers and cyclists in the local area.

Highways assessments

Wootton Bassett Road is a busy road corridor and we understand that residents were concerned about impact the proposals could have on this road.

Vehicular access is proposed from Wootton Bassett Road – with Redposts Drive traffic light controlled 3 arm junction being altered to create a 4 arm junction.

We have modelled the impact of the proposals and results show that, as a result of the development, the junction will not be worsened in terms of capacity and performance. This assessment has been shared with Swindon Borough Council’s highways department, who have advised that there is no objection to the proposed access in principle, subject to a road safety audit and traffic impacts being supported by a transport assessment. A transport assessment and road safety audit will be submitted as part of the planning application.

This outcome is achieved because the traffic light signals will be set to go green at the same time as Redpost Drive receives a green signal i.e. both approaches would run at the same time. This is similar to how Wootton Bassett Road operates with both approaches receiving a green signal at the same time.

How we work and travel has been significantly impacted upon over the past 8-9 months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and there is a lot of uncertainty as to what future traffic patterns will look like in the months and years ahead. For example, it is likely that we will see a continued increase in home working, which in turn should reduce traffic during rush hour periods.

To ensure that the assessments we have taken are robust, we have used ‘pre-Covid’ data.


How we protect animals and insects living across the site was a key concern of local residents.

We have carried out a number of ecological investigations to understand what is living on the site.

Where habitats have been identified, a number of mitigation strategies will be put into place during and following construction works to protect them.

An example of how this is achieved is through the proposed landscaping. Areas of rock and stone will be used to facilitate the movement of invertebrates and reptiles. Small cliff faces will be dug into the landscaped banks to provide nesting locations for solitary bee and wasp species.

Full details of the various mitigation proposals are set out in the ‘Biodiversity Mitigation Strategy’, which will be submitted as part of the application.

Site neighbours

As a result of the development those living opposite the site, along Dean Street and Newburn Crescent, will see a change in outlook from the existing scrub land to see new homes, landscaping, pocket parks and an improved public realm for existing and future residents to enjoy.

Low rise housing (2 - 3 storey houses) is proposed adjacent to the residential area of Dean Street and Newburn Crescent, and homes have been oriented to protect the amenity and privacy of the site’s neighbours. 

The above is a summary of some of the key themes raised.  If you have a question on the proposals please contact by emailing or calling 0808 1688 296.

Aerial view

View 2 into Dean Square