Transforming Swindon – Swindon Sidings

One Swindon

The information below has been updated and further details can be found on the home page.
This webpage was published in December 2019 for the purpose of the public consultation and has been kept live for reference.

Technical Considerations


Vehicular access is proposed from Wootton Bassett Road – with Redposts Drive traffic light controlled 3 arm junction being altered to create a 4 arm junction.

Cycle and pedestrian links will be incorporated throughout the site to connect to wider Swindon. A new direct pedestrian/cycle connection between Wootton Bassett Road and Park Lane, with cycle links to a wider network and NCN 45.

Proposed pedestrian link between Wootton Bassett Road and Park LaneProposed pedestrian link between Wootton Bassett Road and Park Lane


The site lies within ‘Sector 2’ as defined in Swindon Borough Council’s Parking Standards technical guidance. However, it should be noted that the site is immediately adjacent to ‘Sector 1’.

Vehicle parking at all houses will be provided in accordance with ‘Sector 2’ parking standards, whilst parking at apartments will be provided on the basis of 1 space per apartment.


A number of ecological investigations have been undertaken and are ongoing in order to assess the biodiversity value of the site.

Where habitats have been identified, a number of mitigation strategies have been recommended during and post construction works.   

Mitigation strategies will aim to lower or remove predicted impacts to protected species and will look to accommodate identified slow worms and badgers within the soft landscaping of the development. Through appropriate habitat creation and planting the development will aim to achieve an overall net gain for local biodiversity including for bats, nesting birds and invertebrates.

In addition, landscaping and planting will be incorporated to provide open spaces amongst the proposed homes, creating a safe and positive community environment for new and existing residents.

Updated ecological information, including detail of proposed mitigation measures, can be seen by clicking here.